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To Our Beloved Horse Friends & Families:


Amid the chaos that often engulfs today’s world, I am thrilled to connect with you as the CEO of our Western Kids Emporium - Little Cowgirls & Cowboys.  This place holds a special significance for me, as it is a testament to my passion for horses and the Western lifestyle and a sanctuary where we can find solace and create priceless family memories.

My journey into the world of horses and the art of creating outfits began at the young age of 10, fueled by my burning passion and the unwavering support of my parents.  My mother, a gifted seamstress, dedicated herself to crafting almost every garment I wore, including the outfits for my horse shows.  Through her skillful hands, she adorned me with beautiful attire and instilled a deep appreciation for the magic of capturing memories through clothing and photographs.

My father was equally influential in my journey, a man of love and unwavering dedication to his family.  He recognized the healing power of horses during a time of great turmoil in our family.  After losing my 6-year-old brother to a rare blood disease, our once-united family was fractured, and we all struggled to find comfort.  However, one Memorial Day weekend, my father arrived home with a surprise that would forever change our lives.  He brought us a Shetland pony named “Sparky,” igniting a renewed sense of joy, adventure, and togetherness.

A little cowboy dressed up in western apparel on a pony

Several decades later, I continued the tradition with my own family.  Horses, dogs, and other animals have become an integral part of our lives, offering countless opportunities for personal growth and skill development.  I am blessed with two beautiful granddaughters who serve as the inspiration behind my business today.  Creating memories has always been a priority; capturing those moments through photographs with the perfect outfits is my passion.

The years followed were filled with countless horseback adventures, cherished memories, and heartfelt laughter.  Those years became the best of my father’s life, and they laid the foundation for the values I hold dear today.

A little cowgirl enjoying the wild west on a pony
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At our Western Kids Emporium, we pride ourselves on upholding high ethical work standards and moral values: integrity, responsibility, quality, honesty, communication, and kindness for the backbone of our operations.  We believe in treating each customer as a member of our extended family, going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

What sets us apart from others in the industry is our unwavering focus on creating an atmosphere that brings smiles and happiness to families.  From meticulously selecting the finest outfits to taking care of every small detail, we strive to craft experiences that evoke joy and help you create lasting memories.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as your CEO, and I am committed to fostering a warm and welcoming environment at Western Kids Emporium - Little Cowgirls & Cowboys.  Together, let us celebrate the joy of family, the spirit of the West, and the enduring bond between humans and horses.

Yours sincerely,


Patty Barrett


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